Wedding Venues Ibiza

Selecting a wedding venue in Ibiza is one of the first (and biggest) decisions you’ll make as an engaged couple — it will influence your vendors, budget, décor, and even attire. But where should you start?

Fist of all understand the type of wedding venues available in Ibiza. We classify wedding venue locations between: restaurant wedding venues, beach club wedding venues, hotel wedding venues, agroturism wedding venues and villa wedding venues. The first three options are the most straightforward and sometimes less flexible locations. Agrotusim and villas can turn out more flexible when it comes to timings but that doesn’t make this wedding venues a ‘no lay applies’ place. When you choose to go for restaurants, beach clubs and hotels usually the packages are very simplified and from the first email you know what to expect budget wise. The same applies with some agroturisms and villas but usually the norm is that for these last two locations you source your own suppliers.

Before spending hours in front of the computer searching for wedding venues in Ibiza or even jumping on an airplane and exploring all the venues available in Ibiza sit down and do your homework. Here is where you get started:

Estimate your attendees

Aim low in your numbers as it will always be easy to add people later on but setting an initial large list will limit your options before even starting. Wedding venues in Ibiza can be very exclusive and intimate so if you’re planning on an small intimate wedding in Ibiza make sure you keep your invites low. Also estimate that as it is a destination wedding your final list will drop by 15-20%.

Do your math

How much are you willing to spend on your wedding in Ibiza. Be realistic and understand the going price of the market. By knowing how much is going towards the wedding venue (and you don’t want it to be 50% of your budget!) you can avoid future deceptions or heartaches of falling in love of a wedding venue out of your price range.

It’s good to know from the beginning what you ‘expect’ to spend on your wedding and then at the end you will see you ‘real’ expenses. Note that the expected expense has to be realistic to your guest list. Also consider that if a wedding venue or wedding supplier such as a wedding planner or wedding venue provides you an average cost of packages or bespoke weddings for 50 people, if your wedding list is 25 to 30 people then you need to understand that there are fixed costs within the wedding packages such as photographers and catering that will remain at a minimum spend.

If you plan to go with a wedding planner, consider hiring her services before you book the venue. No one better than him/her will know what will work best for your budget.

Also a wedding venue Ibiza with an abundance of natural landscape, such as a beachfront, cliffs or natural reserve can help reduce the wedding décor budget. Ibiza landscape is amazing – you could go for the deep forest type venue, a beach front wedding venue or a cliff top location for your dream wedding. Make yourself a little wish list and if you are happy with all options, at least rate them in a scale from 1 to 10 so that when you are close to making your decision you can see where you started.

Do the wedding photo analysis

Once you have started to look into different wedding venues in Ibiza don’t just take what is given on their websites. Explore in depth. Go to wedding planners websites and wedding photographers and visualize the venue. Through photography you will also get to see the venues during the months that you are probably planning to hold your own event and this may not be at the same time that you arrange a site visit – if you are able to visit at all!
Also at this stage why not start your own Pinterest board – this will help you keep your preference set but remember to keep an open mind.

Set the date

Being flexible is always going to be a plus when it comes to your wedding venue. Not only because this means that you can aim for the off peak season, but also if you communicate with your preference wedding venue in Ibiza maybe they are able to offer you a great deal during a date or period of time they could have considered that they would no longer sell. If your dates are fixed then make sure you start your Ibiza wedding venue planning way in advance, specially during June, July and September.
Note: Remember to keep updated. Make sure you have the venues latest availability.

The ambience of your Ibiza wedding

The wedding venue will have a great say in this, so make sure that you find a place you have a connection with. Choose a place that feels like coming home. Sometimes the only way to know this is by visiting the place.

Note: themes and colors come after the wedding venue choice, not before

Consider popping over

Site visits are the thing and if you’re planning to visit Ibiza with this purpose, email or call prospective venues to schedule official walk-troughs with representatives who can answer all of your questions. Also try and avoid bringing the entire family with you and try to keep it as something between your fiance and you.
Maybe plan on meeting some supplier such as a make up artist, a celebrant or a photographer so that they can share with you their experiences from an objective point of view. This is never time wasting.
When visiting wedding venues Ibiza remember to keep an open mind and take as many photos and/or videos as you can. And pay special attention to the dark for night lighting decorations. Other details to note would be:
– Guest transportation on the day
– Contingency plan for an outdoor wedding (at the end of the day, weather can be unpredictable)

Wedding villas Ibiza

If you’re going for a villa wedding when visiting factor in all of the various spaces you will need (ceremony, reception, dinner, and party). Make sure you understand how you will use what is available in the villa to allocate the different Think about how to use the rooms and grounds for different purposes — there should be a seamless flow from one portion to the next. If you’re getting married on-site, you’ll save yourselves multiple site fees, as well as transportation from one location to the other.

Note: after every wedding venue site visit it is very useful that you send a thank-you e-mail to the venue representative with a recap of what you discussed each time. This will help you keep written notes of your preferred venues.