Here is why Ibiza is such a great wedding destination

all-in-one wedding and honeymoon destination

When you plan your Ibiza wedding, we could say that you are a step away (and not even that far) from planning the honeymoon. After the excitement of parents, siblings and friends on the lead up to and on the wedding day there is even more to look forward for the newlyweds. From our own experience we would say that 90% of couples that choose to get married in Ibiza also choose to make a long holiday or the equivalent to a honeymoon in the same week or 10 days (if not more!). This is a great excuse to get a nice tan before your Ibiza wedding!

Of course you will want a honeymoon as unique as your relationship. The great thing about Ibiza is its diversity! You can find natural beauty around every corner, whether you’re after beaches, farmland, or trails, making this a destination to suit anyone who loves getting outdoors. You can also enjoy a wide variety of sporting options on the island, snorkeling, diving, and boating, and also options for equestrians, hikers, and more. Plus, there’s always Ibiza’s legendary party scene. The clubs are world-renowned for a reason—you’ll never find yourself wondering what to do with your evening.

We have found that many of the couple that come and visit us are not only comparing us to local business but also to other destinations such as the Amalfi coast. But what we have found from real couple’s opinions is that ‘Ibiza is full entertainment for everyone’ something that other destinations can’t offer.

no guest obligations

Many weddings become much larger than anticipated because both sides of the family want to invite every relative under the sun. Plus, if you invite this friend, then you have to invite this other friend, and if you invite this coworker, you can’t leave out this other coworker without hurting their feelings.

You get the picture. You end up inviting way more people than you really want to!

The formula for an Ibiza wedding does not quite apply. A wedding in Ibiza, especially a small one with just immediate family, pretty much rules out anyone feeling excluded if they’re not invited.

an experienced wedding destination

Planning a wedding is sometimes a very stressful process. The details seem endless and for some couples, the planning process is more than they want to take on.

Ibiza hosts hundreds of weddings each year therefore there is no need to panic. We have it down to a science. So you can sit back and relax as we take care of every detail that you would like us to.

outstanding scenery for photos 

If you’d like some pre- or post-wedding photos (a piece of memory worth investing in!), you can choose from among a wide variety of backdrops. Ibiza offers a fantastic array of gorgeous photo opportunities, both during the day and when lit up beautifully at night.

Ibiza provides no end of inspiration: the amazing natural scenery- sandy beaches, rolling hills, jagged islands, forest and olive groves; the beautiful architecture; and the ever present sun and unrivaled sunsets.

If you go for a local photographer and you are looking to increase you wedding portfolio, make sure they know all the ‘to go places’. When a photographer throws the question back at you ‘and where would you like to go?’ I think you should let them guide you according to your preference. Make use of their knowledge!

your wedding will be the wedding of the year!

Yes, your friends back home may have an epic wedding where the DJ played the best music or what not, but nothing beats a wedding weekend in paradise where your friends and family enjoyed not only an epic wedding but an epic vacation!

From the laid back welcoming and traditional Ibicencans, the open-minded simple-living artists and hippies, to the hedonistic fun-seeking visitors who bring color and excitement to the summers from all around the world. From the chic to the quirky, everyone is represented and accepted here in Ibiza and this hotbed of personalities and attitudes combines to create a unique atmosphere and passion for life.

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.