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Menu tasting at Paissa d’en Bernat – Wedding Venue Ibiza

Lately I have been so buried with emails, papers, meetings, menu designing, room bookings, and this list could go on for ever and ever – and consequently I have abandoned my blogging which actually makes me a little sad. So today, if you are reading this and should be expecting an email from me please forgive me for the delay. It was only just now that my dearest talented friend Nigel Edgecombe sent me the link to our 2018 MENU TASTING that took place this year on 28 April at Paissa d’en Bernat. We had 8 beautiful couples [...]

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How to Use Colour to Tie Everything Together in Your Ibiza Wedding

Before your Ibiza wedding, you will probably be brainstorming with your wedding planner on how to coordinate this breath-taking and cohesive palette that truly represents your unique creativity. The coulor palette you come with should be pleasant to every eye and stand the test of time. You want that every time you look at your Ibiza wedding photos (maybe 10 or even 20 years down the road from today!) and still feel proud of your great taste in colour. It is possible to tell your own story by tying everything together through your own unique colour palette. Don't [...]

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How to Keep Your Ibiza Wedding Guest List to a Minimum and Not Loose Friends!

One of the hardest parts about planning an Ibiza wedding is how to manage the guest list and cut it down to the number of guests you are comfortable with. Let’s face the truth; everyone loves Ibiza, so you shouldn’t think that since most of your guests have to travel to the Island from abroad that they will drop out. Everyone loves the idea of a holiday in a beautiful island such as Ibiza and believe us when we say that your wedding is the perfect excuse they need to get away. Amidst all this, it is very [...]

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On a Budget? Then Why Not Have a Friend Officiate Your Ibiza Wedding

Contrary to common opinion, having your friend officiate your Ibiza wedding is not totally unheard of. Actually, it is really common in these parts as couples like to like to keep the ceremony as intimate as possible since it is set completely away from familiar environment. Choosing a close friend or relative to officiate your ceremony adds a very personal touch to the entire event and makes it a bit more meaningful especially if you are on a tight budget. About 10-15% of my couples opt for this option, not even for budget reasons but just in a [...]

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5 Ways to Make Your Ibiza Wedding More Fun for your Guests!

As a fresh newly-engaged couple, you want your special day to be perfect on all accounts! However, the key to having a fun Ibiza wedding that will be talked about for months to come is to shift the focus to your guests. How fun your Ibiza wedding will be largely depending on whether or not your guests will have a good time. Contrary to common opinion, the wedding day is not all about the newly-wed couple. The guests also have a major role to play as they determine whether your Ibiza wedding will turn out as fun and [...]

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Wedding Vow Renewal in Ibiza – Planning for a Fun Day!

Destination weddings are in and if you did not have a chance to have yours, then you can always renew your vows in a unique location such as Ibiza. If you are thinking about planning an intimate vow renewal with rustic details, you have come to the right website! Read on and by the end of this article, you might even get started planning the whole thing. The first thing that you ask yourself when planning your vow renewal in Ibiza is where you are going to have it. Well, Paissa d’en Bernat is an ideal Ibiza wedding venue [...]

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Ibiza Wedding Cake

  Ordering the perfect Ibiza Wedding Cake is a major part of the wedding planning process. Often, brides will scrutinize every detail of the cake until they find the perfect one, especially when the bride doubles as the wedding planner. Don’t stress- here are 7 common tips to keep in mind when choosing your Ibiza wedding cake: 1. Style The cake is a traditional element in a wedding, and there are a ton of styles to choose from. Traditionally, a multi-tired, frosted, and floral wedding cake, with a cake topper of a bride and groom is the most popular option. [...]

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Wedding Photography in Ibiza

Finding an Ibiza photographer for your wedding can be tricky, especially for a beautiful destination wedding. Choosing a photographer to capture every moment in your Ibiza wedding requires a lot of research and trust. There are so many things to take into consideration to ensure that the photographer you choose is the best fit for your wedding. To ease your stress, take a moment to read these 6 helpful wedding planning tips on choosing the best photographer for your Ibiza wedding. Style Your first step is to decide which style you want for your  Ibizawedding. Is your wedding casual or [...]

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Gay Weddings in Ibiza!

As we look forward to our first ibiza gay wedding of 2017 in Paissa in a few weeks, I thought it would be appropriate to write a small article! Look at this space as we will be uploading pictures in a few months of the event! First Steps of your Ibiza Gay Wedding (....are the same as any other wedding!) You’ve found your soulmate and you’ve both decided to take the next step in your lives – marriage! You’re both set to exchange vows in beautiful and sunny Ibiza. The excitement is rising as you begin the planning process until [...]

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Ibiza Wedding Favours Made Easy

Wedding Favours for your Ibiza Wedding Wedding favors are the cherry on top of the décor for your Ibiza wedding. The myriad trinkets and keepsakes to choose from cause brides to become overwhelmed and allow this small element of wedding planning to fall by the wayside. With your Ibiza wedding venue and theme in place, selecting your wedding favors should come easily. Brides, shake that stress loose, awaken your inner wedding planner, and take some notes on the top 5 ideas for favors and also a promo code for Weddingfavoursibiza.com:   Something Local Capture the essence of the wedding [...]

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