How much does a wedding in Ibiza cost?

This is one of the most common questions couples make when they start planning their Ibiza wedding. How much will it come up to? What should I expect to spend? And will there be any unexpected costs to be aware of? Here we are giving it all to you – and we are using our own venue as an example so you can also figure out, what the cost of a wedding is at Paissa d’en Bernat. Let’s get started!

before the math, come the lists

It is quite impossible to figure out what the cost of an Ibiza wedding is without having set your initial guest list! For this, you will need to work together with your partner on your initial guest list so that you can anticipate the cost of each part of the wedding.

Is it important to know your estimates? Yes, quite a bit! In all wedding budgets you will find yourself with two parts to distinguish. First you have your fixed costs, which are all those costs that will remain the same whether you are 5, 50 or 100. This will include aspects such as photography, videography, wedding celebrant, venue hire (for some venues), etc. And then you have the “per-head costs” or variable costs. This will account for the largest sum of your wedding day and will change based on your head-count. This applies to food, drinks, hires and even flowers.

Today we are breaking it all down for you in order to help you estimate the final cost of an Ibiza wedding, but please ensure you have your numbers close to right and where possible, these should not differ by more than 10-15%.

budget breakdown for an Ibiza-wedding

s it is quite impossible to give a one-bulk figure for everyone, here we are breaking down the costs per department in order to give you a good estimate on what costs to factor in and how much per department. Note that all the price breakdowns are guidance prices and can differ depending on the professional you decide to hire for your big day.

Wedding Venue

Each wedding venue works differently. Some work on a per-head cost only, others on a starting price and other on a hire plus a per-head cost. For the purpose of helping couples figure out real numbers, we are using the prices of our wedding venue as sample. In case you have chosen to go with another wedding venue, the please make the adjustments to your budget.

Hire fee: starting from 3,500 Euros

Rental fee + hire fee (including accommodation): starting at 6,900 Euros

The hire fee accounts for the hire of the place only. At Paissa d’en Bernat as a part of our hire we include the benches for the ceremony, arch and lectern, and throughout your process I (Cris) will be helping you with anything you may need – and you can always navigate our website that has been build with the pure purpose of becoming a free online wedding planning tool.

Food and Drinks

Know that all venues operate food and drinks on a per-head cost. At Paissa d’en Bernat our catering prices start at 145 Euros per person. With this per-head cost, you are covered from the start of the event (welcome drinks) up until the end of your dinner and speeches. Therefore this cost covers you on all-day food and drinks, tables, chairs, waiting staff, tableware, and chefs.

Sample costing for 50 people (sunset package): 8,772.50 € VAT incl.

In order to cover overheads, we do set a minimum spend on our set menus of 7,000 Euros before VAT (on premium dates this fee is higher). 

Evening Bar

After your meal and speeches are over, it is time to get the party started!

Our standard bar starts with 3 hours but can go up to a maximum of 5 hours on the day. The cost of this is 50€ + 21% VATos per person for the first 3 hours, and after this, every additional hour is priced at 15€ + 21% VAT per person, per hour.

Sample costs for the open bar would be:

3 hours / 50 people: 3,025.00 € VAT incl.

4 hours / 50 people: 3,932.50 € VAT incl.

5 hours / 50 people: 4,840 € VAT incl.

On average, in Ibiza you can expect to spend 250 Euros per person on food and drinks for the day including all hires. Make sure that you factor in all the elements when gathering food and drink costs as some venues will not include tables, chairs, cava for speeches, a free open bar, etc.

Please note that at Paissa d’en Bernat we do not offer cash bars


The cost of an Ibiza wedding photographer will vary depending on the level of experience of the professional and also the final services required. Starting prices for full day coverage start at 1,500 Euros and I personally like to recommend to my clients to invest slightly more in these will be their memories. A good budget for photography would, therefore, be of 2,500 Euros.

Videography starts at 1,000 Euros and can go up to similar prices as photography depending on the length of coverage and the level of experience of the professional. Usually, when you pay more in videography you will get someone that has better equipment which will show a lot on videos, therefore if the budget does not allow for this, I would suggest putting more to photo and saving on this area.

Wedding Officiant 

Wedding officiants can range from 300 to 1,000 Euros depending on the level of experience and type of service. At our venue, we have had many brave guests take this job and officiate their friends or families ceremony saving them a huge cost and offering the couple the most bespoke ceremony. In one of our previous posts, we spoke all about Friends conducting your ceremony – ready this if you are in for the ride!

Wedding Flowers

When it comes to wedding flowers – the sky is the limit! How much you intend to spend on flowers will depend on your style and vision, but also on the number of bridesmaids, tables and ushers. There are plenty of ways to cut back on costs here when the time to building your flower budget comes, but our best advice here is to no under-estimate. Flowers are expensive and they are all imported. Even dried flowers are expensive.

I like to tell my clients to allocate at least 800 Euros towards flowers and if they anticipate wanting many pretty flowers then it would be wiser to allocate 1,500 Euros minimum. Because not only do the cost of the flowers but also delivery, set up, and breakdown, and all of these costs are never anticipated.

For all my clients that marry with us at Paissa d’en Bernat I also like to remind them that we have the best views and gardens in Ibiza – if you don’t want to have flowers, then by all means, don’t! Do it however you prefer. Bring preserved flowers or make your own centrepieces in a meaningful way. We take care of the venue in a way that it does not need anything to be added to it – plus, nobody knows the place, therefore there is no added stress of having to dress it up. Here, less is more.

Sound, dancefloor lighting, DJ and entertainment 

At Paissa we provided all of these services in-house so that you do not need to worry of hiring third parties. The cost of the Soundsystem for the day is of 500 Euros + 21% VAT, lighting for the dancefloor is 500 Euros + 21% VAT and the DJ cost is of 140 Euros per hour during your hours of the open bar.

We will use the same sound system for the full day, covering the ceremony, speeches, dancefloor and background music.

Other forms of entertainment such as guitarists or saxophonists, price depends on supplier and service, but estimate 350-450 Euros in case you wanted to add one of these elements.

Hair and make-up

The cost of hair and makeup changes depending on what type of service you require. Starting price for bridal hair and makeup, including a trial is of 350-400€. Other services come at an extra cost.


Let me tell you that transportation is not optional. Unless all your guests are staying in the same place, then you will need to hire transport. Because unfortunately, here in Ibiza, the taxi service cannot be pre-booked unless you are going to the airport. And because you do not want to ruin your day because of this, allocate 10 Euros per person per journey to get everyone to and from your wedding venue home. If you do wish to cut on costs, then allow guests to arrive by taxi but then make sure you get them home safe.

Other costs

Other extras to be considered can be childcare (20-25 Euros per hour / max 4-5 kids) and cake (starting at 350 Euros).

If you are not using Paissa d’en Bernat as your wedding venue, then you may also want to consider using a wedding planner or at least a day coordinator to ensure the smooth running of the day (starting at 500 Euros).

let’s do the math

Let’s make a bulk figure based on a 50 guest wedding with a one day hire at villa Paissa d’en Bernat:

Venue hire: 3,500 €

Catering (all-day food and drink): 8,772 € VAT incl.

Catering (3 hour free bar): 3,025 € VAT incl.

Experienced photographer: 2,500 €

Wedding officiant: 0 € (we are going with a friend)

Wedding flowers: 1,500 € (we are throwing the boat out!)

Sound, light and DJ for 3 hours: 1,718 €

Saxophonist: 350 € (we want to get people up after the meal)

Hair and makeup: 0 € (my best friend is a MUA)

Transportation end of night: 500 € (return 1,000 €)

Day coordination: free

Total cost for 50 people: 21,865 € VAT incl.

Please note that all the above prices are given as guidance and we are more than happy to send you a personalised quote for your preferred date and estimate number of guests.

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Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.