The full-day experience

At Paissa d’en Bernat we welcome self-planned weddings, wedding planners or whole-family planners. To ensure that you are able to plan correctly, to follow is an outline of the day that when combined with our recommended suppliers will result in a perfect day! If more attention to detail is required, then we can also recommend one of our preferred wedding planners on the island.

event planning services provided

During the planning
Setting timelines
Assistance for transportation booking (minibusses)
Local accommodation recommendations for guests
Wedding Planning Guidelines
Preferred suppliers recommendations
Wedding Planning Checklist
Food Tasting Event for all confirmed clients

During your wedding day
Floor manager to coordinate all aspects of the event
Dark wooden benches
Wooden rectangular wedding arch
Lectern (for wedding celebrant to use)
Additional external lavatories for guests
*Use of the main bedroom for the bride to get ready (one-day weddings)

We understand that planning an Ibiza wedding from abroad may seem somehow overwhelming, therefore to avoid the added stress of having to source your own suppliers, our wedding venue offers all its clients their in-house services, which include and are not limited to catering

Getting the admin done


To follow we are going to give you the load down on how to plan your wedding with us – so all those steps that you will take after confirming with us! 

setting your timelines for the day

The very first thing you need to determine when starting off your planning is your timelines. At Paissa we include these in your initial quote but just, for now, let us give you a sample of what your wedding day schedule can look like:

11.00 AM – 02.00 PM Venue set up & bridal party preparation

2.00 – 03.00 PM Bridal Mini-Brunch

3.00  4.00 PM Bridal final preparations & getting ready photography

4.00 PM – Guests arrive at your wedding venue

4.00 PM – 4.30 PM – Blessing of your marriage

5.00 PM – 6.30 PM – Post-ceremony drinks & canapes

6.30 PM – 8.30 PM – Dinner service

8.30 PM – 9.00 PM – Speeches and cake cutting (this can happen earlier too!)

9.00 PM – 1.00 AM Open bar & dancefloor

1.00 AM Guests departure

As you can see, the day is quite long. And some people ask us why Ibiza weddings start “so late”. The answer to this is: weddings in Ibiza tend to start later in the day due to the hot weather and because there is no “venue changing time” required. Notice that the above schedule is a full 9 hour day with your guests!

Start time: your start time (flexible) will depend on your finish time and hours of open bar. And we recommend that you determine this from the very beginning of planning your wedding. This will guarantee you a more straightforward approach to wedding planning as well as keep you on budget!

Finish time: music must be turned off by 01:00 AM (local law) and we ask that all guests depart by 01:30 AM.

Food for thought: Based on what we mentioned above, if you are unsure on your total hours of bar “budget” then maybe just plan for a midnight finish, and if closer to the time you feel you deserve a “wedding planning prize” (remember, you will have saved yourself a chunk by not using a wedding planner!) then go ahead and up your bar by +1 hour. By keeping this as a possibility from the beginning, you are making sure that not stretching yourself from the beginning and also if you do add that hour, you are safe on the wedding admin time since you will not need to change your timings and communicate this to your vendors as your start time will remain the same.

Please, please, please, make sure you read this! It will save you so much precious time!

Book your vendors

Now that you have determined your timings, the long process of hiring your suppliers begins!
Remember that at Païssa d’en Bernat we take care of the catering and the sound, lighting & DJ, but other elements which should be considered to incorporate are:

Wedding Celebrant
Photographer & Videographer
Live Entertainment
Flowers & Decor
Wedding Cake
Hair and Makeup

TIP: The above order is that which we recommend you book your suppliers in!

MORE TIPS: at our venue, we work commission-free and love sharing with you (and the internet community) all personal recommendations. We are aware that the options out there are infinite (well, maybe not that much – we are on an island at the end of the day!) and you are free to use ANYONE YOU LIKE only know that those in the list are trusted professionals whose work we LOVE! They are the wonderful people who have helped us build our business reputation and who have also kindly provided all the beautiful pictures on this website.

NOT SURE? the drop me (Cris) and email and let’s chat more about what may work best for YOU.

Getting organised

Now that you have all the tips, of course, you were expecting us to give you all the tools! BINGO!! Wedding planning has never been so easy!

At Paissa d’en Bernat we also pride of having only a handful of weddings every summer season and so our past clients are always happy to speak to our newly engaged and share with them their journey. It is not only about reading Google Reviews – it is about getting the real insight!

NOTE: if you are a Paissa bride or groom, expect to become a venue ambassador after your big day!

Your day, your way!

let’s make this the best destination wedding ever!

It is so important that you completely understand how the day unfolds with us, so you can know what to expect from us and so that we avoid unnecessary stress. Here we go!

morning preparations

A wedding day is a long day but since your start time isn’t until later in the evening, you can have a wonderful, slow, and relaxing start!

Usually, the bride takes “the house” for her preparations. So her and her bridesmaids, or even only her mum and maid of honour get ready in the villa, while the men do this in another location. Usually at the hotel or villa where the best man is staying.  

Your hair and make up artist(s) will be the best to assist you on timings here, but we always ask brides to be prepared well in advance. Just so you can make the most of the day!

We will be with you at the venue, and while you pamper yourself, we will initiate all the setting up of the dining area (tables, chairs, etc.) as well as the ceremony area (benches, arch, etc.). This we do in consonance with your wedding suppliers who we will be receiving and managing on your behalf. Also, we will place for you anything brought for the tables, such as name placement, wedding favours or kids colouring books! 

NOTE: I personally love this time of the day because it flows so slowly and we also get to know your bridesmaids while they chat to us while hanging “bits and bobs”.

guest arrival and the ceremony

We can guarantee you that Païssa will WOW your guests!

From walking past the gardens with water features to the moment they step in front of our unbeatable views. And things from there only get better!

Together with our team, we will escort guests round to the ceremony sunset terrace and we will serve them a refreshment to enjoy while admiring the beautiful setting before the I DO moment happens. We will play very tranquil background music – chilled Café del Mar style – while we wait for all the guests to arrive. And so your guests will start taking in the beauty of the place and all those personal details that make your day a reflection of you. That symbolic arch, the way the aisle is decorated, some hanging photos with storytelling memories, carefully printed “orders of service” or even those customized fans you ordered from ETSY!

And then the plans of nearly one year start to unfold unto that dreamy moment. The time has come for you to walk down the aisle to join you other-half in marriage. And for all your family and friends to witness your love for one another and to them for joining you on this journey that is about to turn a page, to continue your story of love and friendship.

TIPS: together with your florist we will set up the ceremony area to be exactly how you dream of it to be! And don’t beat yourself up if you feel “there is not enough” – there is always enough. We have held ceremonies where there was no arch and the backdrop was that fairytale backdrop. The venue as it stands is already beautiful, so it is okay to keep decorations to a minimum – especially when looking at your budget!

MORE TIPS: we highly recommend to build your ceremony in a story-telling way (your celebrant will assist you on this). Understand that weddings have evolved from being “boring from the book” moments to being true stories about you. Your celebrant will be your story-teller, your love-teller, and your friendship-teller.

Some couples will see this part as the “get it done and over with” bit, but believe us – it is not. This is the reason you have chosen to marry. This is your time to demonstrate your love for one another. And even share a funny story with friends! It is about both of you and also about them!


post-ceremony reception

While they flying confetti starts settling, your guests will patiently wait to congratulate you personally. This is a moment of hugs, kisses, and emotions. Discretely, we will make sure that everyone is taken care of. We start off by offering all your guests a refreshing post-ceremony drinks. Sangria of your choice, ice-cold beers, Spanish wines, and sorts, and juices for the small ones. Once everyone has a drink, then flying Mediterranean inspired canapes will start to come around.

We love to extend this time to 1.5 hours because, like this, you can really get to enjoy the day, your time with guests, and also get that time for family and couple pictures. There is no rush, the day has been planned for you to relax and enjoy – and of this, we personally take care!

And maybe a this point you may consider adding some form of entertainment / life music. Someone like Claire Wakeman will lift the spirit and cheer your guests, or maybe you would rather a relaxed session with Breeze, the perfect team of Tomas on Sax & Wiebke Pahrmann. We work with a lovely handful of professionals who are all listed in our vendors’ directory so please feel free to check out what works best for you.

NOTE: entertainment is an OPTION, not a must! For those trying to not stretch their wedding budget too much, you may just want to consider not having this. Don’t worry, your day will still be magical and we will continue playing all the right music in the background for you to still have that Ibiza feel!

TIPS: if you would like to go for an Es Vedra shooting session with your photographer (as them for their advice first!) we are happy to extend the cocktail reception to two hours. We only recommend this for April, May and October weddings because of the heat. 

dinner and speeches

With us, you can have a wedding feast with noise and excitement, informal chatter, and ethically sourced good food with a modern, rustic twist. Because we believe food should be a celebration of flavours, laughter, and love. For this reason, we have stepped away from formal, traditional styled wedding service and instead, we have embraced the relaxed family-style service that brings you abundant choice, with relaxed and yet refined menus.

We hate the idea of “packages” but here is the truth – we know what works! We have seen it and experienced it. So when looking at our menus, make sure you find that one that best fits you and if change is needed, tell us and we will tailor the menu to you!

And because no great story started with… exactly! we will be pouring wine continuously throughout the day so that your guests do not need to worry about a thing. And at the end of the meal – a bubbly glass of cava will come for you to enjoy the laughing moments that your speeches will bring!

TIPS: I don’t know if this is wrong saying – but who cares! You know that it is tradition to “cut the cake” but you don’t really like cake. So are you really considering a cake? Please, don’t! Nothing of your day has been about tradition, so make it about what you want it to be. I, for example, love the stacked “cheeses” cakes (brought from the Deli in the old market of Ibiza!) because they serve as late-night snacks later. But please, don’t feel you have to do something. Another thing is that you want to do it, but that it is maybe not within budget or simply too hot for cake. I have had brides fly tiny M&S-cakes from the UK. So the options are endless and nothing is wrong here. We can even serve your dessert from a table and make it look beautiful too! Remember, we have ditched traditional! Be creative and do it the way you want it!  

la fiesta!

Towards the end of your meal expect to witness one of Ibiza’s BEST SUNSETS! Enjoy that while chatting and having a drink with family and friends, and as soon as you are ready – we kick start the dancefloor! Have you read about our take on tradition? Remember, this first dance can be however you prefer it to be! And then, everyone jumps in to join THE PARTY! Dancing under the stars had never been as idyllic as this day!

From our side you can expect limited long drinks and even we every once in a while we pull out our “chupito” tray. Chupito in Spanish stands for a shot. Don’t worry, you will learn this later! We love a good party – we really do! And so resident DJ Jonny Green will set that tone for you (go and check out his sessions if you haven’t yet!!)

NOTE: What to expect at the bar: we have all branded spirits and give you a good choice. We mix local brands with some of the most popular ones to keep everyone happy. Ah! Yes, and of course, we have softs to mix. Expect our serves to be Spanish measures.

TIPS: the minimum hours of open bar is 3. Then you can choose to extend this to 4, 5 or more. We personally do not really recommend doing more than 5 unless you plan to have a more chilled vibe during the first hours. Each group is different, and we are happy to work on what you wish.

CONSIDERATIONS: we will assist you with the departure and previously we would have helped you sort the transportation out, but is 1 AM too early for you to stop? No problemo! Why not move your group to somewhere cool like Pikes?! This place is f***ing fun for those who don’t know it – why not consider! check out their calendar.

Païssa doesn’t finish here!

The fact that you have chosen Païssa means that your life has forever changed. Because you now have your home in Ibiza! 

You will become an Ibiza ambassador. One of those few people that see the “real Ibiza” and not that built up a touristic trap. We give you real and we want to stay with you for the rest of your journey.

I so many times still reunite with past clients that just stop by for a drink!

Here, you are not another wedding to us, you will become our friends and companions.

thank you note

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to read all my descriptions and notes. And please forgive any Spanish idioms in there – that is Enrique’s fault!

We have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years and we appreciate all the help and support we have received from all our friends and collaborators. Thanks to them we are where we are today and so to show our appreciation we wanted to create a free-directory that will support their businesses as well as assist all our clients in their decision-making journey.

Finally – to become the absolute pro in wedding planning, don’t forget to join me on my co-hosted Podcast and be a participant of it by sending us your questions or comments. Together we will build community!