Religious weddings in Ibiza

The Spanish law permits foreigners to marry in Spain making it possible to celebrate Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, and a Civil wedding ceremony. The only requirement is that at least one of the couple must have been legally resident in Spain for at least six months or if you aren’t a resident, that at least one of you is baptized Catholic.
Here we explain a little bit about the options of getting married in Ibiza:

ibiza catholic weddings

The first step is to contact the local church where you are planning to marry. If Païssa is your Ibiza wedding venue, then we recommend that you consider the following nearby churches:

Es Cubells – One of Ibiza’s most spectacularly located churches that are set on the top of a cliff with the most spectacular views to the blue Mediterranean Sea with Formentera in the background. Please note that Es Cubells church will only confirm 6 months prior to the wedding ceremony.

San Agustin – The other side of the coin, San Agustin’s village is a lovely, country feel location that shows a more traditional face of Ibiza.

Then the paperwork starts. You will need to visit your local catholic priest and let him know about your plan to marry in Ibiza. All this paperwork will be done in your country of residency and it will be your local priest who will prepare you for the marriage with all the necessary paperwork needed. Another point of contact will be the department of foreign affairs from where you will need to obtain the ‘freedom to marry’ certificate for the wedding ceremony.

Documentation needed will be advised by your Catholic priest including birth certificates, baptism certificates, etc. And a few months prior to your wedding date in Ibiza you will initiate a marriage course. Be assured that all documents issued will not expire before your Ibiza wedding date and that they are all clearly printed. Finally, sometime after the ceremony, an international certificate of marriage will be officiated by the registry office.

I recommend that if you plan to carry out a legal marriage in Spain, that you be prepared for the extensive paperwork and hours that this long process requires – not impossible! A very good article that I found and that I would like to share with you can be found here – from Fly Away Bride.

When it comes to the wedding planning we can not only help with all of this but we can also arrange transportation for all your guests to and from the church as well as drinks for the journey and at villages (welcome drinks).

Christian blessings

If you are not Catholic, you can still have a Christian blessing. This would be arranged similar to the above through the English speaking church having arranged all legalities in your home country. More information can be found here.

symbolic ceremonies ibiza

This is the simplest way of planning your wedding in Ibiza. When choosing to have a symbolic wedding in Ibiza you actually get legally married before you come to Ibiza to celebrate your wedding being able to have the wedding celebration you want in Ibiza.
Wedding blessings can take place at any venue – from the beach to the mountain top and anywhere in between. There are a number of wedding ‘celebrants’ on the island that can conduct your ceremony and with whom you will write your own vows. Logistics here should be taken into account and this is something we remind couples that come and visit us – if you choose to get married on a cliff top and then continue at your private venue, consider the expense in transportation. If your Ibiza wedding venue is like Païssa d’en Bernat, that has a designated space for wedding celebrations, you will be gaining valuable time with friends and family that have travelled all the way to be with you on your special day in Ibiza.

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.