Having a BBQ for your Ibiza wedding is so cool!

If you are reading this post, possibly you agree with me that an Ibiza BBQ Wedding is the coolest thing ever! Really, a 3 course sit down meal is not in fashion anymore, having an Ibiza Wedding BBQ gives you a really laid-back, summery vibe, embracing the chilled out atmosphere and it encourages trusted guests and family members mingle and socialize during the otherwise quiet sit down dinner service.

Fill the menu with your favorite BBQ items and get creative with your wedding invitation. Create clusters of centerpieces along each of the tables. Service drinks in vintage tubs filled with Ice or serve the food on contemporary wooden trays. Show your guests that the BBQ can be chic and delicious.

This Ibiza Wedding BBQ is not going to be your ordinary beef burgers and sausages (which of course are welcome to the menu), but you want some prime cuts and some super fresh salads. As you are planning your wedding abroad, possibly in Ibiza, you are most probably sitting back at home in a cold winter month so please bear in mind that it is going to be hot on your wedding day. Keep things simple and fresh. Here we are going to give you the -going to a caterer- a tool to design you perfect summer wedding BBQ – regardless of it being in Ibiza, Cyprus, Italy, or even back at home.

should we have canapes?

I have seen couples trying to ‘cut-costs’ by removing these of their menus. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. Your guests have come all the way from home to this beautiful place, they have spent all their morning dressing up for you (even if it’s not true, at least you have, so maybe do it for yourself) and now they are here, WITH YOU, to share this magical moment. What else than give them a small bite to enjoy with their Spanish Sangria or their refreshing glass of Cava.

If it were the case that they have been busy all day, chances are they have not eaten much, so you do not want to have them under the sun at 40°C with a glass of alcohol in their hand and no food in their stomach. It will ruin your day and you should not allow that. Therefore, here we state that canapes are a must.

wedding canapes

When choosing your canapes, choose a couple that is fried/hot, and then 2-3 cold ones. You don’t need a forever list of canapes. 4-5 should be enough! If your cold canapes, why not go for one that has fruits in it. In my menus (see our brochures), I have at least 50% of my cold selection with fruits, but because it is refreshing. With a glass of sangria in my hand, a canape of ham and melon sounds and is perfect! Ensure that there is a balance between those that are filling (with bread, potato, or similar) and some light ones. Most probably the men will scoop up the carbohydrate ones and women will appreciate the lighter ones.

wedding menu mains

As soon as people start to sit, get a few things to the table to start off so that tables can be called to the buffet table one by one – you don’t want it to look like the Boxing Day Sale! These simple bites can be a mix of Mediterranean dips, some tapenade, butter or olive oil and breads. Check with your caterer what they suggest as this would vary depending on the destination. Here in Ibiza what would an Ibiza wedding be without bread and aioli?

For the buffet, as it is a wedding BBQ in Ibiza, you will want a beautiful selection of meats. I personally don’t like the idea of having burgers and sausages at a wedding reception, but this is about what you want. And if there are children, then go for it. Within the meats, you should include at least a cut of beef, one of pork, chicken (always good for the difficult ones) and if you wish some fish too. These, need to be accompanied by their perfect homemade(!) sauce and a selection of seasonal fresh salads.

Make sure that you are adding considerable amount of carbohydrate to your menu so that if there is anyone that needs a bigger portion they can have a little extra potato-salad to feel satisfied.
Now, something everyone seems to forget is the ‘special diet’ section. It really is not difficult to include one dish in your wedding menu that is an all-in-one vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dish and that above all is insanely delicious! Be smart from day one and ensure that you choose a dish for this small section of your wedding guests. Of course, any sever allergies will need to be treated with your caterer directly.


Up until now, you have kept the profile low, and you have opted for a casual event. Continue this trend for your dessert. Choose between sharing platters to each table or a dessert buffet. These last ones can tend to increase the budget, so go with what is best for you. Also, if you go for a cupcake style dessert table you will not need such a large wedding cake for your Ibiza Wedding BBQ.

Final, but of course not least is:

the bar!

The day has flown so perfectly that you want your cherry on the pie. Having a bar at the end of your day does not necessarily need to be a ‘rip-off’. I highly suggest you get professionals in to do the job – let’s be honest, doing your own bar is not a good idea. Nobody will replace the ice, stock up nor clean the glasses for you unless you hire them, and you don’t want to see yourself, or even worse, your mum doing this on this one day. Expect to spend around 10-15 Euros per person per hour of the bar, and if you find that maybe be pushing your budget to an unreachable target, then maybe you should consider cutting the list down a bit. At the end of the day, this is a day to sit back and relax, and by that, I mean kicking off your shoes and hitting the dance floor!

casual is in to stay

This special day is about you two and your families coming together, and there is nothing wrong in going for a barbecue for your Ibiza wedding. Believe me when I say that a WEDDING BBQ is super cool! I have witnessed so many over the past years and EVERYONE LOVES THEM. You have chosen a beautiful destination and what you really want at the end of the day is to build community around great cuisine, and what better way of doing this than with an Ibiza Wedding BBQ!
Wishing you all the best of luck with the planning of your Ibiza BBQ Wedding!

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.