7 tips to order the perfect wedding cake

Ordering the perfect Ibiza Wedding Cake is a major part of the wedding planning process. Often, brides will scrutinize every detail of the cake until they find the perfect one, especially when the bride doubles as the wedding planner. Don’t stress- here are 7 common tips to keep in mind when choosing your Ibiza wedding cake:


The cake is a traditional element in a wedding, and there are a ton of styles to choose from. Traditionally, a multi-tired, frosted, and floral wedding cake, with a cake topper of a bride and groom is the most popular option. However, times are changing and creativity is rising. Who says it must be a cake? Sometimes, the easiest way is the best way. Consider a cake with donuts stacked to form a wedding cake shape, or a small wedding cake, sitting atop a tier of cupcakes.


Typically, you’ll want to keep your design in line with the rest of your decorations, or you could jazz it up a bit. You are getting married in Ibiza, after all. If you prefer the cake route, consider using the wedding flower or wedding colors for decorations. I once saw a peacock themed wedding with beaded accents. The wedding cake was 3 tiered, with white fondant, decorated with a teal ribbon and diamond beading accented picks placed throughout the cake. If you choose the donut or cupcake route, the donuts can be stacked in the shape of a wedding cake, along with drizzled icing and fun floral picks throughout the length of the donut tower. The cupcakes can have a fun bride and groom themed design. Having an Ibiza beach wedding? Consider adding shells onto your cake along with the flowers of your choice. Perhaps add cookie crumble to the icing to resemble sand, for the perfect Ibiza finishing touch. No matter which design you choose, have fun with it and let your personality shine through!

time is of the essence

Don’t just allow enough time to order the cake; be sure to give yourself plenty of time to come up with a design, style, flavors, size, price, etc. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and risk bakeries not being able to have your cake ready in time because of booking issues. Rushing only creates a mess, and there won’t be time for a backup option with a destination wedding.


By now, you should have your guest list ready to go. If not, you might want to get that going, because your cake size will depend on it. Keep in mind, not everyone RSVP’s, or their plans change, and they decide to attend your party at the last minute. Be sure that your cake style, design, and size are properly selected to feed an adequate amount of people. To be safe, add a few people to the list so that your cake will feed more people than those checked off as RSVP’d. The last thing you want is for there not to be enough cake. It’s better to have more, than it is to not have enough.


Along with cake size comes a growing price tag. Be sure that you are keeping track of how much your cake will cost based on size, decoration, filling, special flavors, delivery, etc. Be realistic with your budget, and know how much you are willing to spend on a cake. Your cake doesn’t have to be a five-tiered elaborate piece to be beautiful. Sometimes, a smaller, more simply designed cake holds all the beauty a wedding cake needs. If you are getting super close to your budget, and you want to slow down, stick to the smaller cake, and designate someone to cut the cake after the initial bride and groom slice. Be sure this person knows how big to cut the slices to ensure that all people are fed. This can be a family member or guest, or it could be someone working for the Ibiza venue that oversees food. There might even be a typical size for a slice of cake, which can also guide you when ordering.


Here’s where all the fun begins! Now that you’ve decided on a style, design, and budget, now you can focus on flavors. If possible, this is a step that is best decided with your partner in tow, to ensure that the both of you enjoy the flavor. Choose 1-4 cake flavors, 5 icing flavors, and 5 filling flavors to sample. Some bakeries will give you enough of the product so that you are able to mix and match flavors to determine which combinations make your palate dance with joy! Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions, but it is imperative to enter your taste testing appointment knowing what you want!

choosing your bakery

Now that you’ve checked all the above off your list, it’s time to choose the mastermind behind the art- the baker! Some lucky couples settle on the first baker they meet because the flavors fit their needs perfectly. Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the right baker for your wedding cake. Take notes of all the flavor combinations that you absolutely loved, and try those combinations other bakeries to see which one has the most suitable flavor. We recommend Ibiza Wedding Cakes.

An Ibiza wedding calls for destination wedding planning, which can get tricky when it comes to the cake. Distance sometimes adds that extra stress factor when planning your Ibiza wedding. Consider making a 3-day trip, with your spouse, to Ibiza to ease your wedding planning process. Schedule an appointment with local bakeries, same as you would with a catering company, or a make-up artist and hairstylist, prior to your trip. When scheduling, social media and the internet will be your best friend. Look for bakeries via their Facebook or Instagram pages, or their websites. View their photo galleries, their ratings, and how they interact with customers via social media outlets. Choose bakeries with plenty of contact information, and plenty of information on flavor, pricing, availability, and willingness for creativity. Your Ibiza wedding only comes once in a lifetime; don’t sell yourself short on any part!

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