Ibiza weddings during coronavirus

This year has been by far the most difficult year of all. With the strike of Covid-19 Ibiza and its engaged couples have seen their plans “postponed” to a hopeful near feature. Here is the story of how we, as an Ibiza wedding venue, have handled the crisis.

the safest choice was to postpone

As soon as the news stroke, the decision to take action came to place. From March and with Spain being under complete lockdown we decided that this summer was going to be a different one to expect. With no news or anticipation of what would happen, we decided to move all our May, June and July 2020 weddings straight-away. 

Most couples decided to move their dates straight to the following year (2021) as some of their guests are at high risk and so travel for them this year was not going to be an option. It was not an easy decision to take, but it was the most sensible thing to do!

feeling disappointed is acceptable 

The truth behind every story is that “it has not been easy”.  Disappointment and frustration have been a general feel. And it was totally normal and understandable. Because planning your weddings is stressful enough without the need for a global pandemic happening at the same time and affecting your plans. All couples have grieved their original plans and have seen their dates postponed. The key on how to do this was to keep calm, take a deep breath and dive straight back into planning to reach a second-best date!

first steps to postponement

The very first step to plan for the new date was to check in with immediate must-have family members, wedding party and vendors to establish the absolute “cannot do” dates. And so the very first question was made to guests. It was important to limit the months or weeks down with family and then decide together with the wedding venue on 2-3 options for vendors to also be able to make the shift. 2020 couples and families have had to be very understandable to the fact that suppliers have limited capacity and therefore flexibility has been a key point to make the shift with ease.

confirming a new ibiza wedding date

After contacting the wedding venue to keep 2-3 dates, checking with key vendors on their availability was the step prior to making the decision to a final date. When a supplier was not available, the best solution has been to check with that same person to help you find an alternative solution. All of Ibiza wedding suppliers have been so good and supportive to couples and have not charged them for moving dates or have easily found an alternative solution within budget.

wrapping it all up

Close to the end of the chapter of postponing the wedding because of Coronavirus was to update contracts (where applied) and send out new “save the date” cards to guests. For those with wedding insurance, this also needed updating and the last, and most important step has been to embrace the change, stay positive and take the extra time to refine the wedding details. Together, with a little patience and understanding, we have made the process of changing the date easy and stress-free.

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