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Wedding Favours for your Ibiza Wedding

Wedding favors are the cherry on top of the décor for your Ibiza wedding. The myriad trinkets and keepsakes to choose from cause brides to become overwhelmed and allow this small element of wedding planning to fall by the wayside. With your Ibiza wedding venue and theme in place, selecting your wedding favors should come easily. Brides, shake that stress loose, awaken your inner wedding planner, and take some notes on the top 5 ideas for favors and also a promo code for Weddingfavoursibiza.com:


Something Local

Capture the essence of the wedding and create eternal memories. Get creative! Give your guests something that is synonymous with Ibiza! Some examples include typical Ibiza products and brands from the famous Heirbas to Salt from the white Isle which it is named after.


Mini Plants

Did you and your future spouse choose a beautiful flower in Ibiza that is symbolic to you in some way? Cacti and succulents would also add an unusual touch to your wedding. Potted cacti can become wonderful centerpieces, favors, you can use them for table runners, place cards, backdrops and even cake and cupcake decor. Find seed packets for that flower and include them in a tiny bag, decorated to match your theme, with a thank you note attached. On the back of that note, write a small message describing the symbolism of the flower to you as a couple.

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Tiny Champagne or Cava

 Your guests will love these super cute, small, travel sized bottles! You get to choose whether there will be an option between white and rose, although choosing one flavor for everyone might be more feasible. Choose your favorite! For the finishing touch, replace the wine bottle label with a personalized label of your own. You can use a catchy slogan or the names of the happy couple.


Something Sweet

Everyone loves something to satisfy their sweet tooth. Choose a mini Jam or Honey. Create a personalized sticker with a message to attach to the packaging. These favors can be gifted in a small bag and also make great table setting pieces. They will remind your guests about their trip, after they go back home.

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Disposable Cameras

Capture the essence of the wedding and create eternal memories. Get creative! Give your guests a scavenger hunt along with the camera and allow them to take the photos! Some examples include: the bride and groom laughing, wedding cake, guests dancing, and a selfie of the guest photographer! Have them drop their name, contact information, and the camera they used, in the designated drop box, once their pictorial journey is complete. Once the photos are developed, you can send your guests a digital copy of their masterpieces that they too, can treasure.

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Your wedding should be a memorable experience for you and your guests. They took the time to travel for your wedding in Ibiza; allow them to take away as much from this trip and event as possible. The more personalization in your favors, the better. Personalization adds a special touch, specific to your wedding that says their presence was treasured and appreciated.


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  1. Jane McMahon 04/06/2017 at 20:40 - Reply

    Great, Just what I was looking for my wedding. A favour Ibiza themed!! Thank you.

  2. Elli 07/06/2017 at 09:05 - Reply

    Helpful post, was looking for where I could source mini-heirbas

  3. Jeff Gear 03/08/2017 at 05:22 - Reply

    Very useful and informative post about wedding favours. I think the more specific and tailored to a particular wedding, the better. Personalisation always help and, in the case of Ibiza weddings, a favour which is reflective of the island adds that extra touch of ‘this is our Ibiza wedding’.

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