How to keep your guest-list to a minimum without losing friends

One of the hardest parts about planning an Ibiza wedding is how to manage the guest list and cut it down to the number of guests you are comfortable with. Let’s face the truth; everyone loves Ibiza, so you shouldn’t think that since most of your guests have to travel to the Island from abroad that they will drop out. Everyone loves the idea of a holiday in a beautiful island such as Ibiza and believe us when we say that your wedding is the perfect excuse they need to get away.

Amidst all this, it is very possible to reduce the number of guests you have at your wedding and with the 5 tips that will be discussed in this post, we are certain that your beautiful wedding in Ibiza will have the perfect number of guests. Just the way you want it.

In the wedding world, every couple should bear in mind that more guests = more money spent. Here are a few tricks that will help you manage your guest list in a way that will be favourable to both parties.

consider the location

If you host your wedding in a far destination such as the beautiful Ibiza, it would be easy for you to take some distant family friends or acquaintances off the list. You can easily do this by claiming you just want a really intimate ceremony with the closest family and friends. This will make people view your event as very romantic instead of exclusive. However, to ensure that you remain in the good books of those you cross off your guest list, we advise that you throw a little pre-wedding party before jetting off for your wedding in Ibiza.

always blame the venue

Every wedding venue has a capacity limit. The easiest way to kindly dismiss uninvited guests is to tell them how small the capacity of your dream wedding venue is and let them see how tied your hands are on the issue. You can also let them know that your venue is on a very strict guest count and that failure to adhere to the guest limit will cause problems with the management of the venue. This will definitely take the blame off you and they will empathize with your situation a little more.

try not to be sentimental on invites

It doesn’t matter if your friend Clara from high school invited you to her wedding 4 years ago, if you are not close to her, there is really no reason why you should invite her to your wedding.  An invite to a friend’s wedding in the past does not necessarily secure them one to yours especially in the case where you both are not close anymore. Don’t let this make you feel guilty and try to be less sentimental while preparing your guest list so as to reduce the overall cost of your big day.

create a custom rule on ‘plus ones’

The plus one theory is one of the main reasons why a lot of couples incur such a large bill after the wedding. In order to curb this issue, create a custom rule for your guests concerning their plus ones. Rules like “you can only bring a plus one we all know or one you’ve been dating for a long time” etc. will definitely cut the number of people at your wedding more than half.

In conclusion, an Ibiza wedding is definitely one that a lot of people will want to attend no matter how far away they are. The major trick is making sure that everyone you invite is dear to you as they are the ones that will make you feel really good on your special day. The guest list compilation can be such a burden for some couples who just want a really small affair so we hope that with the aid of the tricks discussed above, you will definitely be able to cut down the guest list of your wedding in Ibiza.

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.