6 tips to assist you on choosing your Ibiza photographer

Finding an Ibiza photographer for your wedding can be tricky, especially for a beautiful destination wedding. Choosing a photographer to capture every moment in your Ibiza wedding requires a lot of research and trust. There are so many things to take into consideration to ensure that the photographer you choose is the best fit for your wedding. To ease your stress, take a moment to read these 6 helpful wedding planning tips on choosing the best photographer for your Ibiza wedding.


Your first step is to decide which style you want for your  Ibiza wedding. Is your wedding casual or formal? Does it have a trendy and modern theme, or does it fall along more traditional themes? No matter your style or theme, you want to be sure that your photographer understands what you are looking for. To ensure that your needs are met, outline the type of photos you want. Are you a documentarian that wants everything photographed from the entrance into the ceremony to the last dance at the reception? Or would you prefer the photos to be candid shots of friends and family enjoying themselves on your special day? Sometimes it can be fun to do a mixture of all styles- a little bit of everything. Whatever your choice, be sure you have a solid idea of the photos you will expect at your wedding.


Photographer pricing in Ibiza is contingent upon the location, time frame, style, and number of photos. Think like a wedding planner; keeping your budget in mind, also remember that old saying, “you get what you pay for.” Experienced Ibiza photographers and photographers that are willing to customize a wedding package for you, might cost more than a photographer offering only a pre-selected plan. Luckily, most photographers will work out a payment plan with you, if a down payment is provided. To ensure fairness on everyone’s part, be sure the photographer draws a contract and offers receipts every time a payment is made.


Finding a photographer for a destination wedding in Ibiza can be difficult, so when you are conducting a search, be sure to use proper keywords to locate a photographer that provides services in Ibiza. Conduct a Google search for local Ibiza wedding photographers or consider checking our vendors’ directory for our recommendations.

Photographers in Ibiza will be more familiar with the location along with Ibiza wedding venues, and will already have some pre-set ideas on great shots! Contact local Ibiza universities or study abroad programs and seek photography students out; they are usually willing to take on the job, to add photos to their portfolios, and will offer a discounted price! If all else fails, you have the option of hiring a local photographer that is willing to travel; keep in mind, if they are willing to travel, their prices may skyrocket. You could always bring a friend or family member willing to be a photographer for the day.

view a sample portfolio 

Be critical when poring over the prospective photographer’s portfolios. Most photographers will have a website complete with samples of their different styles. Read reviews and check social media accounts to see how they interact with clients. If there are no traces of samples related to the style you are looking for, scratch their name off the list. However, if you began planning your Ibiza wedding early on, and you have the time to spare, consider contacting the photographer to see if they have photographed any weddings with your chosen style and just haven’t uploaded the photos to their accounts. You never know; you might find the diamond in the rough!


Interviews are essential! Meet your potential photographer. While communication via e-mail is convenient, it won’t always provide optimal results. Meeting in person will ensure you are speaking directly with the photographer and you are able to express your wants and needs. If you choose a photographer in Ibiza, set up a Skype or Google Hangout meeting. Do your part as well; find and print sample photos to bring to your interview. Give them tangible evidence of your expectations. Know what you want, going into the interview, but also keep an open mind to what the photographer has to offer. They’re professionals; they just might have something you like!

know your rights

Most photographers will require full ownership of your photos, and charge extra for printing and downloading from their website, while others will gladly give you printing rights. Consult with your potential photographer and discuss what packages they offer. Some photographers offer two types of custom package options. One option includes a set price for a set number of sheets; the second option allows the client to choose individually priced sheets to create the package that suits them best.

Destination weddings make for extra special events. Planning for those special events requires raising the bar a bit and spending a little extra time on the decision-making process. Carefully review these steps, and take them into consideration when choosing your photographer. You want the best photographer to capture every special moment as you enjoy your special day.

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