Your Ibiza wedding in HD!

One of the most common last minute expenses is the hiring of a videographer. Don’t let this creep up on your final budget and plan in advance.

We think of a wedding video as capturing yourself on your wedding day in all your glory, moving, speaking, interacting with your guests, that magical “I do” moment and the twinkle in your eye – there is nothing better than a wedding video. Something that will remain truly priceless.

wedding videographer checklist

– The most important factor when choosing a wedding videographer company should be the style of their videos. Check showreels to see the different styles and then inquire about your top 3-4 choices. 

When inquiring make sure you understand what equipment will be used and ensure that lighting equipment is sufficient for interior footage and sunset filming. Some of the traditional buildings in Ibiza can result in dark areas and you want to make sure that you are looking radiant in the final result.

– Specify the editing style you want before the event. Some wedding videographers will offer you the option of adding an extra camera that can provide you with different angle shots or a combination of areal video and front cover. Make sure you are aware of all these details before finalizing the quote as you may get away with a small discount. 

– Make sure that the timelines are in accordance with what you plan for the video. To create the most magical scenes you will need to make sure that you are in the right place at the right time. Usually, these moments are meticulously planned and if you are able to find the perfect spot in your wedding venue your video will be unique.

– I once attended a wedding where they had a video guest book at the end of the meal and this is something I do not recommend doing. By that moment everyone has had probably a few too many to be standing in front of a video camera not knowing what to say. My recommendation is to let the professionals make the most out of your day.

– Most Ibiza videographers will provide short edited versions of your wedding video, full of special highlights from your day, no more than a few minutes long, ready to be shared with anyone you wish and who weren’t there.

– If you are going for it, do it well! It should be a once in a lifetime event that will start with the preparation of you and your bridesmaids, with emotional moments that you will want to remember. Whether it’s mum helping you with your final dress touches or your dad seeing you for the first time as a bride. All these small-big moments will end up being your favorite seconds and you do not want to miss out on them.

who we recommend

If you are looking for the best videographer we recommend you check out Buena Vista Videos – let them know that you are contacting them on our behalf and I am sure that they will give you an “amigo’s” discount!

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.