Renewing your vows in Ibiza

Destination weddings are in and if you did not have a chance to have yours, then you can always renew your vows in a unique location such as Ibiza. If you are thinking about planning an intimate vow renewal with rustic details, you have come to the right website! Read on and by the end of this article, you might even get started planning the whole thing.

The first thing that you ask yourself when planning your vow renewal in Ibiza is where you are going to have it. Well, Paissa d’en Bernat is an ideal Ibiza wedding venue that also has a rustic touch. In addition, it is great for both large and small parties, depending on the number of people that you want to invite.

This takes us to the next step, the number of guests that you want at your party. You see, as opposed to the actual wedding, a vow renewal party in Ibiza is a bit different. You can make it a bigger party than your actual wedding, given the fact that you probably are more financially stable today than when you first said your “I do’s”. You can also opt for having a more intimate party and inviting just your close friends and family. Maybe some people who could not make it to your actual wedding can be present now.

You deserve a great party, why not even greater than the one which you had 10-20-30 or even 40 years ago? After all, your love should be getting stronger than it did in the beginning. If that is not the case, then this Ibiza wedding venue is guaranteed to revamp those sparks. By the end of your vow renewal in Ibiza, you will definitely have a hard time letting go of one another.

You have your Ibiza wedding venue and the guest list. You only need the decorations, which you can do them yourselves if you are creative, or rely on a team of specialists. You can write the invitations and the placement cards by hand to make them more special. In addition, you can have a notebook that people can sign and write memories that they have of the two of you.

Another important aspect of all events, regardless of whether it is a vow renewal ceremony in Ibiza or not, are the photos. A great idea is to take similar photos to the ones from your actual wedding. You can see how much you have changed throughout the years.

All you have left to take care of is to set a date, and plan your outfit. Oh, and maybe even write your vows. As for the rest, our experienced team will take care of it for you. Also, with the assistance of our team, you can even plan for a surprise vow renewal! It can be for you and your spouse (without them knowing) or even for your parents, or friends. A wedding vow renewal in Ibiza is definitely the place to have it, not to mention the rustic Ibiza wedding venue that will most likely make it a day that you will not easily forget about.

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.