On a Budget? Then why not have a friend officiate your Ibiza ceremony

Contrary to common opinion, having your friend officiate your Ibiza wedding is not totally unheard of. Actually, it is really common in these parts as couples like to like to keep the ceremony as intimate as possible since it is set completely away from a familiar environment. Choosing a close friend or relative to officiate your ceremony adds a very personal touch to the entire event and makes it a bit more meaningful especially if you are on a tight budget. About 10-15% of my couples opt for this option, not even for budget reasons but just in a bid to make the ceremony more intimate.

In this post, we will highlight 5 tips for having a friend officiate your beautiful Ibiza wedding. These tips will surely help you make the best choice of officiator and for the right reasons. Shall we get started?

pick someone that is close to both of you

This is actually very important as you wouldn’t want someone who barely knows you both. Remember that absolutely anyone can recite those texts and wed you legally. However, the main point of having someone close to you as the officiator on your big day is so that he/she is at the liberty to share personal stories of you both and hint on how perfect your love is.  A quick tip is to choose someone who will appreciate the opportunity as you are giving them the best seat in the house of course.

give him/her free access to your vendors

Your officiator will have a lot of questions regarding the details and logistics of your Ibiza ceremony and will keep coming to you and your fiancé for answers. One way to take some of the load off you is to share the contacts of your vendors with him so he can easily contact them if the need arises.

include them in all your preparations

If you are choosing your best friend to officiate your wedding, you need to include him/her in all the prep activities leading up to your wedding day. This is important as they have to be aware of all important decisions or changes to enable them to do a good job. One of the most important preparatory activities for your wedding in Ibiza is the rehearsal. To avoid mistakes, you have to make sure that your officiator is present so that he/she will have a perfect idea of how the main event will go and get ready for it.

don’t forget to tell your photographer and venue

Most wedding photographers and videographers tend to take just a few shots of the officiator for no reason. So if you choose your best friend to officiate your wedding, you should let your photographer know beforehand so he can include her in more of the pictures. You don’t want your best friend to feel neglected after the vows so keeping her in more of the pictures will make the entire Ibiza ceremony a lot more personal.

If you choose your best friend to officiate your wedding ceremony, make sure to hold him/her close, try to make the entire experience worthwhile and whenever she gets nervous, reassure her that you wouldn’t want anyone else and you are certain she’ll do great! Remember that you are in Ibiza, so whatever kind of wedding you decide on having, we are certain it will be perfect

PS: last but not least, just in case always have a back-up plan – someone to step in just in case! 🙂

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.