Kids attending your Ibiza wedding

Only a few of our clients decide to not have any kids at their Ibiza wedding, but for the majority, this is not the case.

Ibiza weddings are generally small weddings which of course will make your kids ratio slightly higher regardless of the number, therefore, do not underestimate these picky guests as they too want to enjoy the day of your Ibiza wedding.

Here we offer you some useful tips that you can input to your timeline and that will keep them as jolly as a roger:

welcome drinks

When guests start to arrive at your wedding venue you will be providing them with refreshments. Our general suggestion is that you serve no alcohol at all, bit in case you do do so, ensure that there is a nice selection for the little ones. Over the past years infused water has proven to be very popular and the good thing is that it is super free – something that will keep the revolutions down for the ceremony.


Ensure that your wedding venue has a shaded area for kids to sit and witness the ceremony. At this stage you can still ask parents to stay with them and ensure that they are well-behaved.

post-ceremony reception

For this time of the day you want to have some carers or entertainment planned for them. The usual time for a wedding reception is between 1.5 hours so plan wisely.
It is so much fun to have a clown or magician and it guarantees that adults will be able to enjoy the reception time kids-free.

If you’re on a budget, place a games table and have some carers play with them in a designated kiddies area.

For this time any ‘extras’ that your wedding venue will naturally have will give it some extra brownie points. Read below some features we value when hiring a wedding venue in Ibiza.

kids meal

If your having more than 8 children at your Ibiza wedding don’t think twice – prepare a kids table! Here you can include all sorts of goodies on the table such as crayons and drawings, a few sweets, custom glasses, fun straws and of course a really cool menu! When all the kids are together you can ask your caterer or restaurant to provide a mix and match of dishes for them to share in a Tapas style. No this will not be a problem if that’s what you’re thinking! It is an event and if you are up for making things fun for them having a messy table to share will make their day! Also if you’ve chosen to come to Spain, why not give them a taste of the tapas style service (but kids friendly menu).

Important note: For this type of service, plan on having a couple of carers to ensure that it doesn’t turn into a medieval food war.

Kids will be served before adults and they will of course finish before them. To avoid them running back to mummy’s lap straight away (and we cannot guarantee that this won’t happen) have something fun planned as the dessert. For example, if you’ve chosen to have a villa wedding then prepare a treasure hunt for the dessert (chocolate coins work perfect for this). Announce to the table that you have hidden their dessert and that they will now need to find it around the gardens.

Make sure that whoever the adult is that is on charge makes sure that all kids are within the limits of the game. You can mark these with materials tied to trees or some colourful cords.

Although it may sounds like not such a big thing, believe me when I say that kids love this! And they will remember it for years to come. Also this will give you a good break of about 1 hour between the finishing and eating.

the dancefloor

After the meal plan for a Mini Disco! This will give the kids a grown-up feeling so have a DJ come on for a couple of hours to make them jump around at their favourite tunes while the adults are having their own one around the corner.

After these two hours expect them to be exhausted and this may mean that the parents with small children will have an early departure but they will be thrilled buy your planning skills as they haven’t enjoyed themselves so much at a wedding before!

Who said that having kids at a wedding would be a problem?

And if you have not yet booked your wedding venue in Ibiza then continue reading.

wedding venue checklist

Make sure that the wedding venue you are about to book is kids friendly, and by this, I mean that the more amenities that the wedding venue has to tick the kids boxes, the less you’ll need to worry about outsourcing services later on. Here are some examples that would apply to most of the types of wedding venues in Ibiza:

Best if they have:
– Sandy beach
– Greenery/Trees
– Swings/Kids park
– Fences to limit the Venue
– TV room
– Seating area with sofas
– Swimming Pool
– Separate area to allocate a kids area far from hazoerds such a BBQ or swimming pools if unsupervised
– Animals/Pets

Best if they dont have:

– Too many levels and staircases
– Specially for villas it’s best that these are not on 2+ floors
– Close to edges or clifts

Of course from the above you will always have the pros and cons. For example if your wedding venue has a swimming pool you’ll need to make sure that there is sufficient adult supervision (cons) but the great news is that they will be jolly and this will use up most of their energy tank (pros).

Thank you for considering villa Païssa d’en Bernat for your event. You can be assured that we will help you create an event that will bring rave reviews from your guests. For further information please get in touch here.