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The ceremony and reception location set the stage – as well as the mood and tone – for your Ibiza wedding. Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding planning journey. We hope that today you have landed on the one that is “just right for you”.


Paissa d’en Bernat is the perfect hideaway to get married in Ibiza. An oasis set within 15 acres of unspoiled nature that surrounds the villas beautifully manicured gardens, its sea view infinity swimming pool, and its romantic Gazebo ceremony space which combined with our very own in-house catering team, make Paissa d’en Bernat the perfect setting for such a special occasion.

More about the wedding venue 

why choose païssa for your wedding?

All-in-One setting

By choosing a wedding venue that combines both, the ceremony and the reception space, you are able to gain some valuable time to spend with your family and friends who have traveled from abroad to witness your wedding in Ibiza.

Off the track

This wedding venue is a hidden gem that only a few may have seen or visited. By setting your venue in a private setting you are able to spend some luxury time away from the touristic masses in this oasis of calm and tranquillity with those who matter the most to you.

Sea and Sunset views

The villa offers one of the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea with the most romantic sunset that tints the skies pink and orange. Our sunset view can be considered an event itself within your wedding.


When choosing a private villa as your Ibiza wedding venue you will not need to worry about the extra stress and cost that comes from logistics such as booking hotels or arranging transport for your closest family. Villa Païssa d’en Bernat is nested in the natural reserve of San Jose. The villa has five bedrooms (2 kings and 3 twins) all air-conditioned and en-suite and is suitable for a maximum of ten people. Additionally, we can recommend or arrange a few hotels, hostels, or private villas in the area for other guests if necessary.


Our weddings go from anything between 2 people up to 100!

Rates and stay

Length of stay rentals are flexible and further details on our options can be found on our updated WEDDING BROCHURE. Note that One Day Weddings (exclusive of accommodation) are available for limited dates so please contact us to check availability.

In-house services

Unlike any other villa in Ibiza, we give you the fast track to wedding planning in a private location. With our in-house services, planning a wedding abroad became way easier! We cover you with catering with our in-house catering (make sure you check out their DELICIOUS MENUS); sound, dancefloor lighting, and DJ are also taken care of you; PLUS we will COORDINATE THE DAY for you! So you can really relax on the day and enjoy every minute of it!

Need anything else?

Extra lighting? Maybe signage? Let’s make it happen!!

Discover our HIRE CATALOGUE for all those little extra details which you may (or not) need

child friendly venue

Paissa d’en Bernat is a fun-house for the small ones! The grounds are vast, and kids will spend hours on adventures in a safe environment while burning off some energy!

If you are planning on having a child-friendly wedding it’s a great idea to arrange some
entertainment for them throughout the day and to have an allocated chill-out area.
While some children may relish the thought of staying up late, what is late to them isn’t late to your adult guests, so don’t be surprised if they’re starting to nod off just as the party is getting started. For this, we have designated areas that are suitable for children whether it is outside in the Balinese Gazebos or in the sitting room, away from the hustle, bustle, and noise of the main reception area, where parents can put their children to sleep.

And when it comes to food, your mini guests need to be fed just like everyone else. We have designed menus perfect for little ones! Kids can be seated with adults or we can allocate a kiddie table if you would rather hire a babysitter to take care of the little ones, leaving the parents to play.

Ibiza wedding planning

made easy for you to do by yourself!

your big day

Villa Paissa d’en Bernat is the perfect place to marry in Ibiza! And we aim to keep things very easy for you. From today until the big day we share with you all our information and our best tricks and tips for you to become a wedding planning pro! 

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Because we truly believe in the sense of community, we have decided to make our Little Black Book public to all couples getting married here in Ibiza.

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